Bonapam 60 mg Injection
Bonapam 60 mg Injection
Prescription Required
Prescription Required

Bonapam 60 mg Injection

60 mg in 1 Vial

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Pamidronate 60 mg

Introduction of Bonapam 60 mg Injection

Bonapam 60 mg Injection is used for treating the increased calcium levels present in blood that can cause due to some type of cancer. Generally, it is used during the chemotherapy for treating the bone damage due to multiple myeloma as well as Paget’s disease. Bonapam 60 mg Injection affects the production and breakdown of the bone in the body. It works while slowing down the osteoporosis, increasing the density of the bone (thickness) and reducing calcium from bone to the blood. It is given through an infusion process into your vein that takes around 2 hours. It causes the calcium levels to fall, so you must include calcium enriched diet and Calcium D supplements. Also, drink adequate amount of fluids to avoid kidney damage and dehydration. Bonapam 60 mg Injection can also lead to osteonecrosis that causes pain in the jaw, so must include dental check-up during the therapy. Your doctor will decide the dose and frequency of the medication as per the progress in your health.

Uses of Bonapam 60 mg Injection

  • Osteoporosis
  • Paget's disease
  • Multiple myeloma

Benefits of Bonapam 60 mg Injection

Bonapam 60 mg Injection is beneficial for children suffering from Osteogenesis imperfecta. Bonapam 60 mg Injection works by slowing the process of the release of calcium from bones to reduce calcium levels in blood, this minimizes the risk of bones pain and fractures.

Side Effects of Bonapam 60 mg Injection

Bonapam 60 mg Injection may also cause some adverse effects. If you feel any severe symptoms then call your doctor immediately.

Most Common Side Effects of Bonapam 60 mg Injection

  • Heatburn
  • Headache
  • Stomach Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Coughing

Common Side Effects of Bonapam 60 mg Injection

  • Teeth Loss
  • Muscle Tightening
  • Increased Rate of Heat Beat
  • Breath Shortness
  • Vomit Appears As Coffee Grounds
  • Tarry and Black Stools
  • Numbness of Jaw

How to Use Bonapam 60 mg Injection?

Bonapam 60 mg Injection comes in the form of liquid solution. Your doctor will inject it slowly in a clinic or a hospital. Your doctor will also prescribe you vitamin D supplements. The course of the therapy will depend upon health condition of the patient. To avoid any confusion, consult your doctor.

How Bonapam 60 mg Injection Works?

Product_name} strengthens the bond of the crystals called calcium phosphate in the bone. It further slows the process of dissolution and formation of the components in the bone. Bonapam 60 mg Injection prevents osteoclast activity and bone resorption which reduce the risk of fractures.

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