Shipping Policy

"BuySM", an organization incorporated under the Indian law, registered in Mumbai, Operate and manage the online business at www.buysm.com ("BuySM", "BuySM.com", "us", "we", our"), collectively called "Platform" which allows buyers to purchase online items or product or services which our verified vendors offer to our users of the website / application / platform ("users", "user", "member", or "you").

1.2 This is an electronic record of our shipping and delivery policy, together with terms (updated at https://buysm.com/terms-and-conditions) set of rules or procedures or guidelines for shipping and delivery of products or items purchased on the website, application or platform.

1.3 Our services are available all over India. We provide delivery and shipping of our items or products all over India. Our prime focus is to provide the best user experience for you by partnering with the integrated logistics service provider to carefully manage your medication order to provide the best experience in delivering the products or items you purchased from the website, application, or platform. We make all possible efforts to ensure that you receive your purchased items or products in a timely fashion.

1.4 You must agree, understand and use of website, application or platform or buying or purchasing a product or items on the website, application or platform. You must understand and agree to our delivery and shipping policy without modification. We request you please understand and read our delivery and shipping policy every time you visit our website, application or platform. Stop using our website, application or platform if you do not agree to the delivery and shipping policy.


2.1 To facilitate the delivery and shipping services, we partner with the leading logistic service provider (Like Blue Dart, DTDC, Delhivery, Satellite Cargo Connexion). We shall provide all the detailed information about our logistic partners to you, which will be responsible for the delivery and shipping process of any items or product(s) purchased or ordered by you on the website, application or platform at the time such item or product is packed, processed and carefully handed over to our logistic partner by us. Generally, it takes 24-48 hours to dispatch the ordered product (Standard dispatch Timeline) from the time you have placed the item or order on the website, application or platform. In any case, the will be provided with an estimated time of delivery of the item or product you purchased from the platform. This estimated delivery time is displayed on the order confirmation page once we verify and successfully confirm your order by us. We also send all your order details to your registered email address or mobile number. You must agree and understand that we process shipping and delivery to the user with the help of our leading logistic partners. We have all reserved the right to process shipping and delivery of the product on our own without using any third-party service provider or logistic partners.

2.2 The delivery charges of the platform are given below:

- Up to Rs. 1999.99 (Order value): Delivery Charge Rs. 200
- Over Rs. 2000 (Order value): FREE Shipping

Note: Delivery charges mentioned above are applicable on all products orders available on the platform.

2.3 We endeavour to deliver and ship our items or products all over India. We reserve the right and power to decide a list of unserviceable areas to deliver items or products. We, our third-party delivery partners, do not process shipping or deliver the products in such areas (unserviceable), and we may not confirm or process your products orders on the platform in such cases. In such a condition, we notify a user about the areas that are unserviceable by us when placing a purchase order of the items or products on the platform. You may also check and verify that the delivery address of the area is unserviceable for shipping or deliveries by us by entering the delivery address pin code on the platform.

2.4 You must agree, acknowledge and understand that to provide seamless and timely delivery of the package, we may ask or collect required information line your original name, billing address, shipping address, contact detail, landmark or mobile number etc. You agree and shall ensure that the data provided by you to us on the platform is accurate, complete, sufficient and true to identify the exact place to deliver your items or products or packages. You agree, understand and acknowledge that you are only responsible or liable in case of any failure in delivering the ordered product, item or package due to your failure to provide complete, correct, accurate or sufficient data or information at the time of placing the order on the platform. We clarified that we are not responsible or liable in any case or manner and at any time due to your mistake or failure to provide accurate, correct and sufficient information.

2.5 You must agree, understand and acknowledge that we will attempt to deliver the purchased item, product or package to your delivery address within the estimated time of delivery notified to you. Suppose you are not available to receive your item, product or package. In that case, our third-party logistic partners will try to deliver your product a maximum of 3 times in 3 days to deliver your ordered item, product or package to your delivery address. Suppose our logistic partners fail to deliver your item. In that case, the product or package and you remain unavailable to accept the product, and we have all reserved right to cancel your placed order. We automatically process the return of such product to us. And we have all reserved right to charge shipping and delivery cost and deduct it while we are processing a refund in such cancellation due to unsuccessful delivery of the item or product.

2.6 We ensure that ordered items or products are shipped and delivered to you on time and within the expected delivery date. You must agree, accept, acknowledge and understand that the delivery of items, products or packages may be delayed on account of:

(a) Any logistical issue that is not under our control;
(b) Bad weather condition;
(c) Any strikes, pandemic, lockdowns, political disruptions, restriction of government etc.;
(d) Acts of God, for example, earthquakes, floods etc.;
(e) Any other unforeseeable circumstances.

In such conditions of delay, we shall make a possible attempt to notify you by sending an email or contacting us through your registered number with us. We disclaim all responsibilities or liabilities that may arise on account of our failure to notify you of delays in delivering your ordered items, products or packages on the platform. Further, the Company shall be no obligation to compensate you for any dispute or claim that may arise on account of any delay in the delivery of the ordered or purchased items, packages or products.

2.7 We endeavour to engage employees, agents, logistic partners with the greatest regard for integrity and ethics; and behave in a way that exudes competence, professionalism and very good mannerism. You must agree, acknowledge, and understand that individual delivery is not in our control, and you understand that it is about to impossible to observe and monitor individual delivery executive activities. Since we confidently provide delivery of an item, product or package purchased by you on the platform, we shall not be responsible or liable for any activities, act or omission on the part of our employees, delivery agents, third party logistic partners or their employees or personnel, agents, wrong product delivery, or personnel including deficiency in service, delay to deliver your product, product/item package tempering etc. For the avoidance of doubt in contracts, it is stated that any impoliteness, ill-mannerism, offensiveness or discourtesy by our employees or delivery executives, personnel of the third-party logistic partner or agents is not under our control. Any dispute arising between our delivery executive and you or an employee or personnel of the third-party logistic partner, an agent will have to resolve by yourself. You must agree, acknowledge and understand that we are not responsible for such cause or require us to mediate, resolve or settle any disputes between you and delivery personnel delivering the items, products or packages to you.

2.8 Once you purchase an order from our platform, we process such placed order and hand over the package of purchased product to our third-party logistic partner. You will receive a unique tracking number on your registered email address or registered mobile number once your package is handed over to our third-party logistic partner, which will allow you to track your package and the delivery status of your package. You can check your package's status and expected delivery time on our third-party logistic partner's website, application, or platform. Our customer care representative continuously coordinates with our logistic partners to ensure that your packages are delivered to you as soon as possible and that our logistic partners update tracking information of your packages on a real-time basis. Please understand that we are using a third-party service to provide shipping and delivery facilities to you. We are not responsible and do not take any guarantee that the tracking status of your packages is correct or accurate; the status of your packages may be subject to inconsistencies out of delay in updating the real-time information and / or other any technical or software difficulties which we can't monitor and are not in our control.

2.9 You must agree and acknowledge that we have all reserved the right to collect and charge shipping costs on items, products from time to time. Shipping cost depends on product value, product type, delivery location, payment method, etc. You must agree and acknowledge that we are authorized to charge or collect delivery or shipping fees on behalf of our logistic partner. We charge or collect shipping or delivery costs for the products you purchased from our website, application, or platform. Ensure that we will not refund such shipping or delivery costs to any return request for the products raised by you. However, we may refund delivery or shipping costs if your purchased product is damaged, the defective, incorrect product has been delivered to you.

2.10 Return of ordered items, products or packages are facilitated via our reserve logistics partners. Once the return request of your product is approved on our website, application or platform, our reserve logistic partner shall get in touch with you to collect the ordered product from your address. Please make sure that we process exchanges and returns of ordered products in accordance with our return and refund policy.

Contact Detail:

Email Address: support@buysm.com
Contact Number: +91 90717 57175

Last updated on: 25 April 2024